JIEDDO Battlefield, Pt. Mugu


The JIEDDO Battle Course Project consisted of both vertical and horizontal construction. Four concrete block, 2-story search houses, each of which had concrete floors and roofs, wood doors and basic electrical lighting, were constructed for training purposes. It was critically important that the design for these buildings be consistent with that of a typical Middle Eastern home.

The general engineering aspect of the project included the construction of a new 28’ wide bridge designed for observation and simulation. Furthermore, approximately 5,000 lineal feet of new or resurfaced roads and training lanes were completed and several 48” diameter culverts which complement the training objective of this course were installed. Provisions for site utilities, i.e. domestic water, had to be made. Other requirements included storm drainage and sewer lines, some of which were new and some of which were an extension of existing utilities. The project site is located in and around protected wetlands, and special compliance efforts were implemented in order to protect those wetlands from the construction activities.

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