Quality Control

 Quality control practices in the construction industry have undergone significant changes in recent years.  In the past, contractors relied on ow ner provided inspectors to ensure project quality; while today, the responsibility of quality control rests almost exclusively on the contractor’s shoulders.

 Our quality control process begins with a site specific quality control plan which outlines the duties and responsibilities of every participant involved in the plan. The quality control plan also identifies the definable features of the work, as well as specifying the required protocol, both of which ensure conformance with the quality standards outlined by the project specifications. While our company may sometimes utilize the site superintendent as the quality control manager, it is becoming more common for us to employ quality control managers whose sole responsibility is quality control. Additionally, when the complexity of a project warrants it, quality control specialists and/or third party licensed professionals are utilized for administrative functions and specific submittal reviews.


 Our site supervisors maintain a Contractor Quality Management (CQM) certification issued through either the Naval Facilities Engineering Command or the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers.  This certification attests to proven capabilities in the areas of quality control management, planning and contractor and owner responsibilities. In addition to site supervisory staff, we require that our project management team also maintains this certification. Understanding and embracing our growing responsibilities with regards to quality control is a contributing factor to our continued success in the industry.